What kind of comedian do I want to be?

by jazzfish77

One thing I think that gets missed with comedians, the really goods ones, is how disciplined they are in studying comedy. Maybe there are some that are just naturally funny and have made it big through the force of their talent, but I imagine that is rare. I love comedy. I love laughing. The comedians I love, or maybe the type of comedy I love, are sarcastic, but not mean. They are insightful and ultimately uplifting. They are well-informed and draw the humor out of the absurdities of life as it really is. It is OK to make fun of different aspects of the human condition, especially when being honest, but the end result must be one of hope and that points in a positive direction. It is OK to be crude and rude, but the main goal cannot be shock or disgust, but rather laughter and insight. That is the kind of comedian I want to be. I am a very sarcastic person and I can be very mean if I’m not careful. I simply have a “gift” for knowing what is the most painful and most fragile about a person. Anyway, this is what I will aim for – the next step will be to start writing jokes.