Day 5 of sobriety and on into the Land of Right Decisions

by jazzfish77

As I enter into Day 5 of sobriety, I leave behind the physical withdrawal and move into the Land of Right Decisions. From here on out, continued sobriety will be based on making the right decisions each time I am confronted with a choice to drink or not. This will be difficult in the coming days, weeks, and months as my body and mind start to heal. However, it will get easier with time and eventually become a new habit.

This morning I no longer feel the subtle hum of withdrawal, but my mind feels strange. I do not know quite how to describe the feeling; it is as if my brain is coming alive again. There is an abundance of both giddiness and nervous energy. I am simultaneously thinking better and more fogged. In other words, I am bouncing all over the place.

However, this is a good kind of bouncing. I do not feel the cravings for a drink, but I do feel odd.

Writing seems easy, but I imagine it is also all over the place. This is just something I need to get through and get back to a normal mind.

How does one successfully negotiate this journey? This is how I am doing it.

  • I have made myself very aware of the increasing costs of drinking, primarily in terms of impacts on physical and mental health, but also as an obstacle to achieving my goals in life. I reinforce this through my journal writing.
  • I remain aware that urges are inevitable, but I do not have to yield to them. Meditation helps me to become an observer of my thoughts rather than a slave to them. Yoga and walking help to dissipate urges when they arise.
  • I keep a stable, healthy diet during this time minimizes wild swings in my mood. I do not subscribe to the notion that upping sweets is a good way to get over cravings. I believe it sets you up for trouble as you come crashing down from a sugar buzz.
  • Finally, I work to build my commitment and motivation for sobriety. Commitment to sobriety is the key to success. It overrides the efficacy of any method. I do this by remembering why I needed and wanted to stop and also staying focused on the good things sobriety brings.