What the hell happened to my blog?

by jazzfish77

This blog was supposed to be about my big transition from being a consulting economist to being a stand-up comedian and writer. My first post was so long ago followed by a long gap and all the recent posts have been dry posts about getting sober. Where is the fucking funny?

I’m getting to it, but first I had to deal with the drinking mess. My drinking was bringing me down on all levels. It was especially bringing down my thinking abilities. It was eating up my mind at a furious pace. I had poor memory, no discipline, no funny, nothing. I had to tackle the drinking just to get back to a point where I had the option to move into comedy. I’ve done that and, not to take my sobriety for granted, it is now time to move on to bigger things.

Another thing is that while drinking, I had very poor cognitive abilities and couldn’t make decisions worth a shit. I could make lists of wishes, options, and dreams, but I couldn’t commit to anything. I could never make a decision and take definitive action in that direction.

So, where do I stand now? Stand-up comedy is not an easy profession and it involves LOTS of travel, LOTS of alone time, and LOTS of time in clubs with drunks. Given that those were the very reasons I wanted to quit being a consultant, I finally realized that I would never be happy being a stand-up comedian unless I lucked into the very highest levels right from the start.

I then saw that if I wanted to pursue comedy and make people laugh, then it would need to be primarily through writing. Regardless of what I eventually want to write about, I simply had to start writing, and that’s why my blog is like it is right now. The first few posts are me writing about what I am facing in the day-to-day. Now that I have some momentum, I will turn to my other interests which are comedy, yoga, and trying to make the world a better place.

I promise.